Where can Cascajares send you your order?

We can send your order wherever within the Iberian Peninsulaand Baleares. However, if you would like to receive your order in the Islas Canarias, Ceutaand Melillaor anywhere else in the world, please contact us for more information: cascajares@cascajares.com

When will you receive your order from Cascajares?

Cascajares will send you your order with the shipping company SEUR and the delivery delay is approximately 24/48 hours

How do we proceed to deliver your order Cascajares?

SEUR will deliver your order to the address you mentioned in the online form. If your order is about refrigerated products, it will be delivered through the SEUR service: FRIO 13:30 and should be delivered before 13:30. If your order does not need any refrigerated service, then it will be delivered through SEUR normal service and should be delivered during the day. If you are not home when SEUR is delivering your order, the delivery man will call you or will leave you a note informing you about his visit. You can then contact SEUR at the following number: 902 101010 to schedule another delivery. You have the option as well to pick up your order in the nearest SEUR office.

If your order needs to be kept refrigerated (capon, poulard, suckling pig, suckling lamb…) the product will be packed in a special box with a cold gel which maintains the right temperature (between 1ºC and 8ºC) for 72 hours. This packaging is totally safe for food use and can be re-used

What happens if you are not home when your order is being delivered by SEUR?

If you already know that you will not be home on the delivery day, we recommend you to indicate another delivery address, like your office address or any other place where you are sure you can pick it up.

How can you pay?

We have two methods of payment: by card or in cash upon delivery, always looking for your convenience. If you prefer to pay by card, our process is 100% secure through a bank platform and in case of any problem with the payment caused by a sudden disconnection of the terminal, just call us at 902 365 777 or send an email to cascajares@cascajares.com to check the payment status. If you prefer to pay your order when you receive it and to verify that everything is correct, then choose the payment upon delivery, the shipping company SEUR will collect the payment at the time of the delivery.

How can you modify your order?

Depending on the date you wish to receive your order, you can change it or not. We prepare your order 48 to 72 hours before the delivery date. Once it is prepared, it cannot be modified. For example, if you have placed an order to receive it for Christmas and a week before you want to change something (shipping address, expand your order, cancel, etc. ..) you can do it by calling us at the phone number 902 365 777 or by sending us an email: cascajares@cascajares.com.

How can you cancel your order?

You can cancel your order as long as it is still in our warehouses. To do so, you must contact us at least two days before the chosen delivery date, by . You can do it by calling us at the phone number 902 365 777 or by sending us an email: cascajares@cascajares.com.

How can you return your order?

You can return the order you have received exclusively in the following cases:

  • If the package is noticeably damaged. In this case, tell the shipping company  SEUR that you do not accept it.
  • If the product is not in good conditions. In this case please contact us (902 365 777 or cascajares@cascajares.com) and we will explain you the procedure. You have 7 days to send us your complaint, obviously we will not accept returns or exchanges if we have not been notified previously. After verifying your complaint, Cascajares will agree with you on the refund and will take charge of the cost of returning the product.

No returns will be accepted if the goods we receive back is not in perfect condition. If the products have been used, altered or handled, we cannot accept the return.

How can you use a discount coupon?

If you have a discount coupon, it is very easy to use. At the end of the online buying process, in the last step, you will find a place where you can enter and validate your code. You will see the immediate discount on your total order.

How are your personal data processed?

All information submitted by users through the web is kept in the strictest confidence in line with current legislation. Industria Gastronomica Blanca Mencia SL, which operates the web www.cascajares.com, meets the legislation regarding the protection of personal data of its subscribers and keeps them in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Law 15 / 99 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data. Here's our Privacy Policy and Data Protection.